Sergei Krikalev the Soviet astronaut

Sergei Krikalev the Soviet astronaut

Sergei Krikalev the Soviet astronaut put on his space suit In May 1991, and boarded the rocket  that delivered him to the Mir space station

At a height of 90 kilometers, everything seemed perfect to Krikalev, no new borders were drawn and no new lines divided him

But the truth is that his homeland, the Soviet Union, which sent him into space, no longer exists and has become fifteen countries

Sergei Krikalev the prisoner of Mir Station

Sergei Krikalev the prisoner of Mir Station

When tanks stormed Red Square in Moscow at dawn on August 19, 1991, to start the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union

The dissolution of the Soviet Union was declared in December 1991, making Sergei’s voyage into space a nightmare with a response he used to hear from Earth

Stay in space, no money to send you back, the country that sent you no longer exists

Sergei’s planned trip to Mir was five months, and the two astronauts who were accompanying him onboard Mir, the British Helen Sharman and his friend Anatoly Artsprsky, returned to Earth

And Sergei Krikalev was left alone month after month, taking care of his station Mir, and peeking at the planet earth

The four seasons are distributed on the sides of the earth, people sleeping in the darkness of half of it, and others waking up in it`s another bright part

But nothing changed in Sergei’s prison, which appeared eternal in space. Although he was an impressive astronaut at the end of his second decade

He went up into space several times before this time, but his muscles began to shrink and the risk of having cancer and exposing to radiation increased

New Year 1992 is here and Sergei is still orbiting the Earth, but he’s the last thing that matters now

The new country, Russia, began selling its space seats to restore its economy, and Austria bought a seat for seven million dollars

Japan bought a TV presenter’s trip to space for twelve million, but no flight donated to return Sergei the forgotten astronaut

The trip Back to Earth

The trip Back to Earth

At the end of March, after ten months in space, Sergey received good news from Germany, which was affected by his condition

Berlin paid twenty-four million dollars to return Sergey and send another astronaut in his place

After three hundred days in space, Sergey landed on Earth, unable to walk and move, with the flag of a country that no longer exists

Thus, Sergey was called the last Soviet citizen after he went into space as a Soviet and returned Russian thanks to Germany

His new country, Russia, which refused to return him, awarded him the championship medal, before he returned to work there as a good citizen in the Russian space station

Would Russia have let astronaut Sergei Krikalev die had it not been for the German`s help


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